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Chris Cheadle is the founder and managing director of All Canada Photos. It is his honour and priveledge to manage the representation of many of Canada's finest photographers best images.

All Canada Photos selects only premium quality images, representing all aspects of the Canadian mosiac, from our esteemed artists. All images are individually inspected to ensure flawless reproductive quality for clients. All images are then systematically key worded to enable easy client searching via our web site:

The All Canada Photos collections is also distributed by a select network of agencies partners around the world.

As a active member of PACA, the Picture Archive Council of America, All Canada Photos is proud to support the :

PACA Code Of Ethics

The Picture Archive Council of America, through its worldwide membership, vigorously supports a standard of business practice that sustains the highest degree of honesty, integrity and fair play with clients, contributing artists, other stock agencies and vendors. PACA has a commitment to the protection of intellectual property and represents the highest quality of images, service and membership support.